Who We Are

Ian Schofield Registered Osteopath Covent Garden

Covent Garden Osteopaths was established at Pineapple Studios in 1994 by senior osteopath Ian Schofield. He has also resided in Covent Garden for over 10 years. As he is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and all the major UK Private Health Insurers, Ian treats a wide range of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, in patients of all ages.

Having worked at Pineapple for over 30 years, Ian has extensive experience in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and management of dancers’ injuries. He is also particularly interested in patients with “old” injuries or conditions that have impacted or strained the person’s body and affected tissues condition and function. This can be helped with subtle and gentle yet effective manipulation. For example, road traffic accidents, rugby injuries, gymnastic compression, skiing and horse riding falls or other activities of sudden, repeated or severe impact may result in a functional imbalance such that either the soft tissues or  joint articulations are faltering and manifesting pain. This is where osteopathy can really help.

Cranial Osteopathy

Ian is also qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma in Cranial Osteopathy, and is a lecturer with the Rollin Becker Institute, an academic group that teaches cranial osteopathy to other osteopaths.

This gentle and subtle manipulative approach is applicable to conditions of sudden or severe impact as outlined above, but equally appropriate to new-born babies and infants who may be suffering the effects of a difficult or prolonged birth.  Pregnant or post-partum mothers’ may also benefit in recovery from the approach of Cranial Osteopathy in restoring health to the tissues.

If you are unsure whether osteopathy is appropriate for your problem , or wish to discuss your symptoms, please feel free to call the practice on 07778 63 63 63 during office hours, or use the contact form.


Referral for investigations such as x-ray and scan images can also be requested with private medical centres.

A GP referral is usually required for Insurance cover and authorisation by your Insurer, whether this be personal health insurance cover or a company employer/employee policy.

Ian is involved through  membership with many professional associations including The Institute of Osteopathy.