Pineapple Studios Practice

Covent Garden Osteopaths based at Pineapple Studios
Pineapple Studios

​Ian Schofield has been based at Pineapple Studios since 1987 and Covent Garden Osteopaths has been established at Pineapple since 1994.

Being based conveniently in London's West End, Pineapple Studios also has a large population of adults and children attending for classes, auditions, castings, and rehearsals.

Pineapple Studios offers over 200 classes each week in a multitude of different dance styles, including variations of ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, flamenco, salsa, lindy hop, ballroom, hip hop and Turkish belly dancing.  Other movement forms such as martial arts, Yoga, and Pilates are also offered.   Persons attending classes range from recreational and amateur dancers, who come to 'play' and acquire or practice new movement skills, to aspiring and professional dancers.  The professional aspect of class can be individuals, who want to maintain fitness and flexibility, to dance companies and West End shows rehearsing.  This population includes all types of performers and entertainers from the arts.  Pineapple also has a performing arts school for aspiring singers, dancers and actors.

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